Gaining Ground: A Framework for Developing Strategies and Tactics in Response to Governmental Attacks on NGOs

A framework for developing strategies and tactics in response to governmental attacks on NGOs

In many countries worldwide, governments have escalated attacks on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), making it increasingly difficult for them to operate effectively. A global pattern has emerged wherein governments initially seek to stigmatize and delegitimize these organizations, particularly by demonizing their acceptance of foreign funding or other foreign connections they might have. Later, they impose debilitating regulations or take even more repressive action to restrict their activities or shut them down. These measures are often disguised as efforts to curb money laundering, corruption, or terrorism.

This manual seeks to provide NGOs with relevant examples and resources to confront intensifying governmental restrictions. It is published by the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO), which groups 13 independent, national human rights organizations from the global North and South that work to promote fundamental rights and freedoms. Many INCLO members have had to respond to a sudden increase in threats to civic freedoms, and this publication shares their experiences and those of other selected NGOs to stimulate further exchange with organizations facing similar difficulties.

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