Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

Country: Hungary

The HCLU is a law reform and watchdog public interest NGO in Hungary, working independently of political parties and the state or any of its institutions. For two decades, HCLU has striven to educate citizens about their basic human rights and freedoms and has been active protecting the rights of citizens against undue interference by those in positions of public power.

HCLU monitors legislation, provides legal aid service, pursues strategic litigation, conducts public education and launches awareness-raising media campaigns. It stands by citizens unable to defend themselves and is present in courtrooms and ministries, at international events and universities, and in small villages. Besides this, it has adopted the goal of strengthening civil society and the rule of law in Hungary. Since its establishment, HCLU’s activities cover two major areas: (1) the protection of civil liberties, including freedom of speech, the right to protest, freedom of information, privacy rights etc.; and (2) safeguarding equality under the protection of law for the most disadvantaged groups: the Roma, people living with HIV/AIDS, LGBTQI people, drug users and people with mental disabilities.