Surveillance and Digital Rights

Whether in the public sphere or the digital realm, privacy is our fundamental right.

We have the right not to be tracked. However, technologies such as facial recognition technology and other algorithmically enabled tools undermine our right to privacy.

Facial recognition technology, internet shutdowns, legal battles over encryption and Big Tech business models profiting from our digital lives are all factors that put our rights at risk.

The use of sophisticated monitoring technologies and methods by states and private companies is thriving faster than it can be regulated. Surveillance is a constant threat to our rights to privacy, personal data protection, freedom of expression, association and assembly, and non-discrimination.

INCLO’s research and community engagement show how domestic laws and international treaties are slow to respond to these intrusions or are absent altogether. For this reason, we bring together a global network of technologists, legal experts, and surveillance and digital rights specialists to defend our fundamental rights.

Our goals


To research, educate and litigate for the protection and enhancement of our rights and freedoms in the digital age at international and local levels.


To advocate for strong oversight, transparency and public disclosure about the way state and private actors alike access and use our personal information.

Other Pillars