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We act with a purpose: to promote fundamental rights and freedoms

Our membership spans the Global North and South, encompassing all continents. We take pride in uniting its collective legacy, experience and expertise to improve the architecture of the international civil liberties movement worldwide.

Sharing and collaborating across jurisdictions fosters power, wisdom and opportunity. This is what drives the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations (INCLO) to provide the space and framework for its members to work jointly towards making a real difference on issues which cut across borders.

INCLO exists to support and amplify the efforts of its member organizations in their respective countries as they face the complex challenges of an interlinked global landscape. In so doing, we help national-level human rights movements be more impactful, make international frameworks more legitimate and fortify the global human rights movement.

Our members

Our board

The board of directors is the ultimate governing body of the network and comprises the 15 executive directors of the network’s organizations.

Our staff

Lucila Santos

Programmes Director (she/her)

Gastón Chillier

Associate Director (he/him)

Laura Kauer García

Programme Manager (she/her)

Civic Space

Quimey Sol Ramos

Programme Assistant (she/her)

Equality and Equity

Victor Praxedes

Technologist (he/him)

María Mercedes Villalba

Finance Coordinator (she/her)

Myriam Selhi - Communication Coordinator

Myriam Selhi

Communication Coordinator (she/her)

Muyenga Mugerwa-Sekawabe (he/they) Project Coordinator - Equality and Equity

Muyenga Mugerwa-Sekawabe

Programme Coordinator (he/they)

Equality and Equity

Timilehin Ojo

Programme Manager (he/him)

Surveillance and Digital Rights