Joining Forces: Local activists and allies advancing trans rights worldwide

A reflective report on advances towards equal rights for all trans persons

A reflective report from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Hungary, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and the USA on advances towards equal rights for all trans persons.

This report was developed by INCLO in partnership with several trans activists and human rights lawyers whose work promotes transgender rights domestically and internationally. It follows directly from transgender rights convenings that INCLO hosted in South Africa, in Argentina and virtually. We hope that it will reflect the impact of the convenings on their organizational work and their individual growth, as well as generally on the promotion of transgender rights.

With this report, we express our commitment to the advancement of transgender rights, and to partnerships and allyship in seeking a fairer, more equal and more inclusive world.

The unity of this report resides in the concordant efforts of its collaborators towards the full enjoyment of trans rights. Its writing, on the other hand, reflects the diversity of the voices it contains.