INCLO members condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and join calls for an immediate ceasefire

Joint statement

INCLO member organizations unequivocally condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and join the global call for an immediate ceasefire. We stand in solidarity with the international human rights community in denouncing the grave violations of international humanitarian law and human rights perpetrated by Russia against Ukraine.

In Ukraine, we condemn Russia’s invasion, which constitutes a blatant violation of international law. We express deep concern over the war crimes and human rights violations committed against the Ukrainian people. It is imperative to protect the civilian population and ensure open evacuation routes during these urgent times. The invasion violates fundamental principles of international law and qualifies as aggression under international criminal law. We insist that international human rights law and international humanitarian law must be upheld throughout Ukrainian territory, occupied or not. Additionally, we express alarm for the more than 3 million refugees who have fled Ukraine, urging the international community to intensify efforts to end the war and support Ukraine’s reconstruction.

In Russia, we denounce the severe repression against dissent, protest, independent journalism, and internet access. Since the beginning of the invasion, the Russian government has aggressively targeted protesters, with over 13,800 arrests. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have been banned or restricted, while independent media outlets face censorship and closure. Internet access must be guaranteed in Ukraine and Russia to document violations and circulate information. Our member organization, Agora, is actively involved in legal defense efforts for anti-war protesters, journalists, and citizens facing persecution for expressing critical views. It also provides support to individuals in Russia and Russian refugees abroad.

Preventing public assembly and stifling freedom of expression constitute egregious violations of basic rights guaranteed by Russian law and international human rights treaties. As highlighted by the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of peaceful assembly and association, Clément Voule, respect for these rights is crucial for peace and conflict resolution.


  • Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights
  • Dejusticia (Colombia)
  • Human Rights Law Network (India)
  • Human Rights Law Centre (Australia)
  • Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
  • Irish Council for Civil Liberties
  • Kenya Human Rights Commission
  • KontraS (Indonesia)
  • Legal Resources Centre (South Africa)